Study status

August 2020 update:

The final Upper White River CMZ study is now available!

June 2020 update:

Thank you to those of you who provided input on the draft Upper White River CMZ study! Your input helped the project team determine that no major changes were necessary, and the final study will be available soon.

January 2020 update:

The draft Upper White River CMZ study is now available for public review through Feb. 21!

September 2019 update:

Field studies are now complete! Over the next several months, the technical team will work to analyze data, synthesize results, and prepare the study report. Look for more updates and opportunity to review the draft report in early 2020.

July 2019 update:

Field studies begin soon to support the technical work of the study. You may notice consultant crews taking photographs, mapping locations with GPS, and recording measurements along the river and river bank. This work is expected to take approximately three days and will be conducted only during daylight hours. Field studies are currently planned for July 22-24.

Project photos


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Late 2018

Project planning

December 2018

Project kick-off

Summer 2019

Field work

July 2019 - late 2019

Data synthesis and report preparation

January and May 2020

Results of draft CMZ study are shared with the public

Fall 2020

Project complete, final results of the CMZ study are provided to Pierce County and shared with the public


Pierce County reviews final CMZ study; once accepted by staff, the legislative process begins to adopt the study by ordinance.