Study status

March 2019 update:

We’ve recently begun to collect technical data and we need to gather input from community members. Please continue to the next pages to learn more and help inform the CMZ study!

Project photos

We are currently completing photo digitization only; field work will be conducted this summer as water level drops. To date, we’ve completed the initial field visit with County staff and the Crystal River Ranch HOA.

We have met with Crystal River Ranch HOA, Crystal Village HOA, and initiated discussions with Puget Sound Energy and WSDOT.


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Late 2018

Project planning

December 2018

Project kick-off

Summer 2019

Field work

July 2019 - late 2019

Data synthesis and report preparation

January and May 2020

Results of draft CMZ study are shared with the public

Fall 2020

Project complete, final results of the CMZ study are provided to Pierce County and shared with the public


Pierce County reviews final CMZ study; once accepted by staff, the legislative process begins to adopt the study by ordinance.