Community voice

Pierce County is committed to working closely with those interested in the CMZ study, including tribal nations, nearby communities, state regulators, and community members.

How can I help?

Throughout the study we have collected your feedback online, in-person and hosted a number of in-person engagement opportunities. Thank you to those of you who provided input!

The CMZ study is now finalized, but you are still invited to share general project feedback through this website or via email to

Traveling kiosk – where has it been?

To further spread the word about our project, we circulated a traveling display kiosk to local venues in the project area - the traveling display contained similar information as this website.

Check out where it has been in the map below!


marker iconPrevious kiosk location

Upcoming opportunities:

Over the next several months, there will be three additional opportunities to provide public comment before the final report is adopted:

  • Planning Commission review
  • Council Committee review
  • Full Council review

If you would like to be added to the interested parties list, email

Past activities:

  • Crystal River Ranch HOA meeting – October 2018
  • Crystal River Rach HOA field visit – November 2018
  • Crystal Village HOA annual meeting – January 2019
  • In-person Open Houses – January 2020