Community voice

Pierce County is committed to working closely with those interested in the CMZ study, including tribal nations, nearby communities, state regulators, and community members.

How can I help?

Throughout the study we’ll collect feedback online and in-person, and host numerous in-person engagement opportunities.

Whether you live in one of the immediate surrounding communities or not, you can help to inform the study by providing local historical knowledge and feedback through this website and/or by participating in one, or all, of these upcoming engagement opportunities.

We’ll send notification about upcoming opportunities in the near future, but please bookmark this page and return regularly to learn more and provide your input.

Traveling kiosk – where is it?

To further spread the word about our project, we’ll circulate a traveling display kiosk to local venues in the project area - the traveling display contains similar information as this website.

You can track the location of our traveling kiosk and help us pick its next destination using the interactive map below.

If you would like to make a location suggestion (or a few!) click the 'Drop a pin' button, move the marker where you'd like, add a comment to your marker, and submit. You can add multiple markers before submitting.

Click the "Drop a pin" button to drop a pin on to the map, then move it to a location you'd like to comment on.


information iconCurrent kiosk location

marker iconPrevious kiosk location(s)

Join us in-person!

Participate in one of our upcoming in-person events to meet the project team, learn more about the project, ask questions and provide feedback.

Upcoming opportunities:

We will update this section as we schedule community events – check back often!

Past activities:

  • Crystal River Ranch HOA meeting – October 2018
  • Crystal River Rach HOA field visit – November 2018
  • Crystal Village HOA annual meeting – January 2019