Thanks for visiting the Upper White River Channel Migration Zone (CMZ) Study participate.online website. Pierce County is conducting a CMZ Study along the Upper White River from the Town of Greenwater to upstream of Crystal River Ranch and Crystal Village along Highway 410. We are asking the community to be involved.

The draft Upper White River CMZ Study is now available! You can review the study through Feb. 21 and provide input on this website, or you are invited to join us in-person at one of our upcoming events.

How to use this website

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    Visit each page to learn about the project and provide feedback.
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    You can jump between pages using the tabs at the top of the page, or by clicking the chevron icon for next and back on the side of each page.
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    The site is open year round and you can visit as many times as you wish before the end of 2020.
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    As the site is filled with information provided by the public and data collected by our project team, we’ll post reports that share updates, results and a summary that everyone can access.
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    Feel free to take notes using the comment field at the bottom of each page. Any notes you take will move with you as you navigate from page to page. Your notes will transfer to the comment form at the end of the site.
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